2023 Seminars


Speak Dog-on-Odor

Note payment is collected through our shop: Little River YYC.

Our first seminar will be held January 27-29 to pilot our seminar format. It will focus on both understanding canine body language and using your own to improve your scent detection training and handling for sport Nosework odors. Friday and Sunday will be in-person sessions, Saturday will be on-line only.
Note: There are limited working spots available.

mAY 2023

Learn from Simon Prins

Note payment is collected through our shop: Little River YYC.

We are delighted to announce that Simon Prins will be joining us May 5-7, 2023 for a Scent Detection Seminar and 9-11, 2023 for Tracking. Limited working spots available. Audit spots available.

Visit Simon's website: Act! Animal Consultancy & Training

Scent detection
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Simon teaches everything from hard surface tracking to "garbage can" science - inexpensive materials to develop training devices to speed up scent detection training in a budget friendly way. Whether you're a beginner, an advanced trainer and handler, or somewhere in between, he can help you improve your training on any of the wide variety of topics in scent detection.

Training PLans

Data Collection
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He has a passion for teaching people, not just training dogs. Through the use of quality plans and operant conditioning, he is empowering trainers to excel.

“My goal is to share the power of operant conditioning with the rest of the training world, and create a much-needed shift in the minds of those responsible for shaping, conditioning, and leading.” – Simon Prins

radio directional camera dogs
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Simon brings a wealth of experience including the use of technology for specialized projects. To name a few, he has implemented programs for laser-guided dogs, radio controlled dogs, and the use of various sensors and robots with dogs.

Seminar Pre-Registration

Not all seminar topics will be offered. Submitting your interest in a topic will improve the chance that it is offered. Pre-registrants will be contacted first when sign-up for working spots is available.

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